First Friday, February 2, 2018

Dina Varano will be featuring her one-of-a-kind jewelry designs and gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Join us from 5:00 – 8:00pm for a sip of wine.



Happy New Year!

First Friday, January 5th, 5 to 8 pm

Join us in celebrating the New Year and the moons of January!

We will be showcasing Dina’s moon pendants and serving Wild Moon cocktails.

Mobile collection.

Each year Dina creates a new collection in her signature style for the holidays.

A Spirit of Gratitude

We are always happy to take time for thankfulness!

Dina’s sterling silver word pendants and cuff bracelets provide a special reminder of all that is most important.

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Dina Varano since 1990

Thank you for all the support over the years!

“Connecticut MADE” book signing Sunday, November 26th, 2017

with author Cynthia Parzych on the first Holiday Market Sunday.

We are happy to announce that Dina Varano is featured in a new book. The book, “Connecticut MADE, Homegrown Products by Local Craftsmen, Artisans, and Purveyors”, is a rich and delightful source full of information on a variety of handmade products that can be found throughout the state of Connecticut. The author herself is a writer and professional chef who lives, writes, and runs a food business, using things she grows, in Connecticut. In time for the holiday season, this book, full of possible day trip ideas, is a wonderful gift to give! Please join us for a special day of book signing with the author and Dina on Sunday, November 26th at Dina Varano Gallery on Main Street in Chester, CT.

First Friday, November 3rd, 5:00-8:00pm

Dina has created more one-of-a-kind designs in 14kt and 18kt gold for the new gold jewelry collection that we are showcasing for the season. Be one of the first to see these dramatic creations in gold. We will also be featuring new Fall and Winter fashion accessories. Join us for this festive evening throughout Chester.

Necklace pictured above: 14kt gold combined with Tahitian and Baroque pearls.

Necklace pictured below: 14kt gold combined with Aquamarine gemstones.

On Saturday, October 7th, Dina will be exhibiting at RISD Craft on Benefit Street in Providence, RI.

RISD alumni artists gather and sell their work at RISD from 10am-5pm

This is always a favorite show and full of talented artists, designers and makers!

More details here:

First Friday! September 1st 5-8pm

Shops & Galleries throughout Chester stay open late, celebrate, and share new work.

Dina Varano Gallery: “Explorations in Charcoal and Oxidized Silver”

Over the summer Dina explored the breathtaking coast and mountains of Maine. The natural treasures found along the paths of the verdant forests, beaches, and crisp mountain air inspired a collection of drawings that connect directly with her jewelry designs in oxidized silver. Nature and drawing have been Dina’s formative sources of exploration since the beginning.

For First Friday we also enjoy crafting a creative beverage that may be served spiked or not.

September’s refreshment will be a quenching pomegranate punch.

First Friday! August 4th 5-8pm

Dina Varano Gallery will be presenting a new collection of pearl jewelry designs by Dina and nature inspired tabletop designs by Michael Aram. Dina has been showcasing Michael Aram designs since 1995. Like Dina, he has “a deep love for the handmade process” and “nature is his biggest muse”. He works mostly with stainless steel and natural brass. His tabletop designs make a unique gift, or centerpiece, for a special occasion. Join us to view the new collections. We will also be offering a refreshing beverage in celebration of this town~wide festive evening. On this night, there will also be live music and new pop~up openings and events throughout Chester!

Freshwater Pearls and Sterling Silver Necklace by Dina Varano, 20 inches long

First Friday! July 7th 5-8pm

Join us in Chester for an evening full of art, design & conversation!

Dina Varano Gallery is featuring new summer jewelry designs by Dina and introducing a new line of porcelain by Elizabeth Benotti.

“The home is a sacred and personal space… It is worthy to surround yourself with meaningful objects.

My work is a small part in helping to bring back an appreciation for handmade, quality goods.”

– E.B.

“Beach Stones and River Rocks” 

Looking closely at nature is a fundamental part of Dina’s creative process. The surrounding shoreline and nearby Connecticut River are continuous sourcesfor inspiration. Pockets full of beach stones and river rocks from countless walks along the shores have inspired a fresh collection of wearable nature.Beach combing and filling her pockets with treasures is a favorite past time. Both the shapes and the organically worn finish of the stones marrythoughtfully with the precious metals that encapsulate them in this new series.

Keep a piece of our beloved coast close to your heart.

Dina Varano Talisman Collection for Chester’s First Friday in April

Opening Reception April 7th 5-8pm @ Dina Varano Gallery, 27 Main Street, Chester, CT 06412

Talisman is a collection of one-of-a-kind necklaces uniquely designed and handmade by Dina Varano. Each necklace is composed of symbolic elements and accompanied by an original ink drawing that illustrates the meaning behind each metal form and gemstone used in the composition. In this way, they are very thoughtful creations inspired by traditional Talismans meant to evoke inspiration and protection for the wearer. To see more:

Dina Varano is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design where she studied jewelry design and light metals. She has been selling her jewelry designs and other works of art at her gallery in Chester, Connecticut since 1995.

The shops & galleries of Chester celebrate the First Friday of every month by staying open late to present new works of art, music, and seasonal collections.

It is a very entertaining night to visit! Join us Friday, April 7th 5-8pm.


First Friday, March 3rd, 5-8pm

We will be open late along with other shops and galleries throughout Chester center.

Ask about the March Madness Shopping Spree!!

 Amethyst, Celestite, Quartz… have you ever been curious to know more about them?

Dina uses many beautiful gemstones in her jewelry and that has inspired us to learn more about them. We have a new collection of crystals that reflect our interest in their energy and potential meaning.

Join us this Friday night for some fun conversations!

We are intrigued with all things magical, mystical, and enchanting…
Have you ever wondered… What is your Spirit Animal? 
Come see the beautifully illustrated new card decks and guidebooks we have that will tell you!


We LOVE to celebrate LOVE!


We look forward to seeing you.

Stop by and peruse our wonderful collection of thoughtfully chosen gifts for everyone.

Travel the World with Us! 

For this First Friday, November 4th 5-8pm, we will be highlighting our favorite finds from around the world. These designs, handmade by artisans all around the globe, are truly works of art: from South America and Europe to Africa and India.

These original and collectible treasures are handcrafted using time honored traditions and techniques. It is important to appreciate
and preserve local art-making near and far because it teaches us about the beautiful variety of culture, geography,
and spirituality that exists around the world.
Art has the ability to unite people from all continents!


“An Exploration of Texture”

Since day one, texture has been a defining feature of Dina’s unique jewelry. First written in 1990, Dina’s artistic philosophy states the importance of “the mark of the hand” in her work and “caring + hammering for the senses”. These key elements still ring true today. It is with her intuition, talent, and heart & soul that she carves and creates her tactile jewelry designs. She saws, files, stamps, engraves, drills, hammers, solders, and like an alchemist she transforms metal into meaningful works of wearable art: one of a kind, one at a time.

“Intuitive Drawings of Nature” at Dina Varano Gallery
Drawing has always been a large part of Dina’s creative process: “I collect and dissect nature, and then study and explore it through drawing
with charcoal and ink. I am interested in capturing the essence and gesture of nature and translating it into forms and textures in metal.”
Dina draws from her surroundings, both the Connecticut River and New England woods are sources of endless inspiration.
All throughout Chester, the shops and galleries will be open late to present new collections for First Friday from 5-8 pm.
This will occur on the First Friday night of each month from now until the end of the year.
There will also be music and refreshments. Come stroll through town and enjoy this beautiful time of year with us!

“Ocean Dreams”

Dina’s jewelry collection for this summer captures the light, colors, and essence of the beach. The collection features white and light-hued gemstones with brushed sterling silver that is expertly and intuitively crafted into one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The inspiration came from all things seen and felt at the beach: the light breezes, ocean waves, warm sunshine, and salty-fresh air. Join us in celebrating this new jewelry collection, “Ocean Dreams”, this Friday, July 1st, 5-9 pm.

“Delicate Elements”

Introducing Dina’s new collection of necklaces, “Delicate Elements”. They are distinctive creations to be worn on their own, yet they are also perfect for layering together at different lengths. These delicate elements in 14kt gold on sterling silver chains capture the essence of shapes found in nature. The gallery is also full with new seasonal accessories and decor for the home and to inspire the soul. We invite you to join us and celebrate the season.  Open Everyday this summer!

It’s Spring!   New designs arriving daily from Dina’s studio:

One-of-a kind Fleur pendants, soothing and saturated shades of gemstones combined with silver and gold!

In addition, new accessories, gifts, and home decor objects arriving from our favorite designers.

Some of our favorites include glass art by Laura Kramer (featured in the front window of the gallery)

and beautifully embroidered table runners, wall hangings, and teepees by Coral & Tusk.


Coral & Tusk embroidery on linen for Spring:


Amore Collection 2016



The Amore collection is a collection of pendants Dina creates with a complimentary hand painted card.

It’s always a favorite and a great gift for your Valentine.

To see more of the collection CLICK HERE

Dina Varano’s Holiday Jewelry Collection 2015

 Dina has been putting the finishing touches on the collection, which showcases a variety of designs in

brushed and oxidized silver, 14 and 18kt gold, and a variety of colorful gemstones, pearls and diamonds!

 Stop by and we will help you find the perfect gift.

Talisman Exhibition at Dina Varano Gallery

Currently on display.

View the Talisman collection

Dina Varano will unveil her latest “Talisman” collection of necklaces on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. The second in a series that was first introduced in June 2014 to rave reception. These thoughtful compositions are renderings of traditional Talismans meant to evoke inspiration and protection for the wearer through the use of symbolic sterling silver and gold charms, significant gemstones, and beach and river stones. The charms are rendered in Dina’s usual way; beginning with an inspiration from nature, a personal experience or a historical reference that becomes a symbol, and eventually transforms into a meaningful element for the wearer. A stone such as rose quartz may represent healing and love while an amethyst may evoke a sense of balance and peace. Each tiny sculpture becomes paired with a careful selection of other components to form what the artist refers to as a “family”. Together, the grouping tells a story. What makes these pieces so significant is that the Talisman directly connects the wearer and the creator through an intimate, mutual understanding of the symbolism of it’s attributes.

The designer’s creative process has always involved, not only the construction of shapes using metal and wire, but also using ink and paper. This exhibition shares the evolution of each piece with it’s own original ink drawing. The drawing illustrates, in detail, the meaning of each facet added to the chain and includes the words that resonate from the symbols and stones, such as “faith”, “flexibility”, “protection”. This process unites Dina’s jewelry design and her love for drawing. Dina will continue to create Talisman in her Chester studio as the show proceeds.

Visitors are drawn to this exhibition for it’s overall beauty and elegant display and also for the strength and spirit the Talisman convey. A keepsake. A conversation piece. A one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Click on the link below to read a summary of the exhibit that celebrated Dina’s 25th year in business:

Dina Varano 25th Anniversary

September 18, 2015

Visit Dina Varano Gallery on Facebook to see a fun selection of photos from the opening night!


In 1990, I began this adventure. Come see the exhibit of memories, photos,articles, collaborations, shows, jewelry and other creations

over the past 25 years on display. Join us in celebrating 25 years in business. Thank you for so many great years!


Check out our latest project!  Dina and Kate have created these indigo scarves. They are all one of a kind.

Each one is hand dyed in beautiful shades of indigo, in assorted fabrics of silk, cotton and bamboo. click for more about the process 


Ask about our  Birthday Club celebration!  It is for our customers during their birthday month.  We have a celebration with cupcakes, champagne and sparklers!

Time to celebrate! Come alone or bring a friend and enjoy 20% off all purchases that night!!!


The annual Amore collection ~ hand painted cards by Dina that come complimentary with any piece from the collection.



Time to spread the LOVE! Heart Rocks by Dina are always a favorite!


  Dina has been in her studio creating new designs for the season including sets of jewelry.

Impressions from Nature

Dina Varano is often collecting bits of nature that she finds beautiful.

She impresses these bits into sterling and gold to preserve their graceful forms.

These discoveries have inspired a new collection:

Impressions From Nature